Citavi 5 Beta 4: Important Bug Fix

Thanks to your testing we've identified and fixed a major bug. If you were working with a Word document created with Citavi 4 in one of the Citavi 5 preview or beta versions and were using a citation style that displayed quotation page ranges, the page ranges could disappear under certain circumstances.

If this error has affected you, please send us your current Word document and your most recent backup copy of the Word placeholders created with Citavi 4. The backups for Word placeholders can be found in the folder \Documents\Citavi 4\Backup\[Project name]\[Name of the Word document]\WordPlaceholders_[Date].bak. Please upload both files to www.citavi.com/transfer. In most cases you'll receive the repaired Word document later on the same day.

The new beta version also corrects the problem that it sometimes was not possible to perform an update from within Citavi.

We apologize for any inconvenience, and we thank everyone who has helped test the Citavi 5 preview and beta versions!