Update to Citavi 5.4 Now Available

We're excited to share our latest update with you! When you install Citavi 5.4, your projects, settings, license key, and any documents created using the Word Add-In will not be affected.

The update includes many bug fixes and these improvements:
  • Citavi now supports all screen resolutions, including 200% and higher. Display problems on high resolution monitors should no longer occur.
  • Citavi can now use 3 GB RAM if necessary. Previously, Citavi could only use up to 1.5 GB RAM. This change makes working with complex PDF files in Citavi's preview pane smoother than ever before.
  • When importing new references in the Import window, duplicates can now be viewed together by clicking the Duplicates column header. This makes it easier to evaluate your results before adding them to your project.
Not sure how updates work? You can find out more in our manual.